Technical Symposium

Visit a new place, new people to refine your ideas, to improve your presentation skills, to engage in a better way and to have fun, get to know about more symposiums. Find an upcoming symposiums list here.

Leibniz Plant Biochemistry Symposium 2021

On May 7, 2021, the IPB will host its annual Leibniz Plant Biochemistry Symposium. The theme of the symposium, that will take place online this year, will be Plant Cell Walls. Participation is free of charge. We are looking forward to welcoming you.

  • May 07- 2021
  • Online

5th Asian CHI Symposium

Asian CHI 2021 Symposium is inviting you to showcase the latest HCI work from anywhere in Asia, the Asian diaspora, and those focusing on incorporating Asian sociocultural factors in their design and implementation. This symposium aims to foster social ties among academics (researchers and students) and practitioners and continuously grow a research community in Asia.

  • May 07- 2021
  • Online

First International Symposium on Computational Intelligence Issues in Blockchain Technology AI and Ml

In recent years, research and development on bit-coin, block-chain technology, smart contract are growing rapidly. The digital currency will lead the world by its excellent data structure and computing functionality. Networking technologies, security and privacy, and machine learning are applied to digital currency for optimal results. This Symposium aims to bring together researchers in the areas related to block-chain, digital currency and smart contract in a single platform to present their stimulating research and knowledge transfer ideas. However, we also recognize that the future for digital currency and smart contracts requires interdisciplinary teams to solve new, complex, and evolving problems that will require innovative solutions. Therefore, we encourage the participation of other disciplines in this symposium where multidisciplinary research and knowledge transfer projects are presented. We encourage students to demonstrate their mini projects, capstone projects and their implementation such as Apps, Software in the symposium. Paper Submission: Submissions are welcomed with any topics on digital currency and block chain, especially, but not limited to: Computational Intelligence Issues in Cryptocurrency AI and ML in Cryptocurrency Block Chain Technology Smart Contract and Ethereum Hyber Ledger in Cryptocurrency Inter disciplinary issues using blockchain Practice & Problems in Cryptocurrency and blockchain Capstones & Projects in Cryptocurrency and blockchain Software, Apps and Tools in Cryptocurrency and blockchain Poster Session in Cryptocurrency and blockchain Demonstrations in Cryptocurrency and blockchain

  • May 14- 2021
  • Online (MS Team / Zoom)

Data Symposium 2021: Exploring Emerging Data Capabilities in Government

With rapid advances in technology and data infrastructure, new applications and approaches to responsibly and ethically use data to improve our society are ready for adoption. The legal framework established by the Evidence Act in the federal government and maturing leadership roles for chief data officers, evaluation officers, and statistical officials suggest a realm of new abilities, possibilities, and uses of government data. Data capabilities can align with and encourage effective policy implementation, including for national strategies for addressing social equity, reducing disparities in economic mobility, improving public health, and more. During the Data Foundation’s four day virtual symposium, May 18-21, in partnership with George Washington University’s Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration, participants will engage with peers and colleagues in the data community on timely, relevant topics facing our country’s use of data for an equitable, data-informed society.

  • May 18- 2021
  • Virtual



  • May 20- 2021
  • Online

2nd Global Development and Education Symposium

The "2nd Global Development and Education Symposium" will take place on 27th May 2021 by video conference with a live parrallel event at the University of Ghana.

  • May 27- 2021
  • Virtual Event

Impact Assessment Symposium

In a volatile and changing world we are keen to make sure we assess the impact of the changes we are leading. This event will allow you to share examples of how we manage impact assessments; how we assess the scale and severity of impact; what questions we use for our impact assessments; how we role up impact assessments in teams to get a wider organisational picture 1.30pm – Welcome and review of agenda 1.35pm – Breakout rooms to debate “What is the purpose and who are the customers of an Impact Assessment?” 2pm – Review of the learning from breakout session 2.15pm – Content of an Impact Assessment – shared examples of the questions asked from a 2 speakers 2.40pm – Breakout rooms to identify additional questions to add 3pm Coffee Break 3.15pm – Using the impact assessment to calculate the total impact of change – shared examples from 2 speakers 3.45pm – Breakout rooms to debate each approach and learn lessons from each other 4.15pm – Review of the learning from breakout session 4.30pm Thank you and end of event

  • Jun 03- 2021
  • Online

EOSC Symposium 2021

The European Open Science Cloud has finally entered its highly-anticipated implementation phase. The EOSC Symposium will provide a key engagement opportunity for the EOSC community. The foundation of the EOSC Association in 2020 is a key element of the implementation phase (2021-2027). Building on the EOSC SRIA, the Association will establish a number of Advisory Groups and Task Forces by June. These will focus on priority areas as we enter into the implementation phase. At the same time, a plethora of EU, regionally and nationally funded research projects are carrying out activities, and actually producing key exploitable results which can contribute to this new phase. The Symposium also offers an inclusive platform for all stakeholders to share objectives, visions, activities and results in order to shape the future of the EOSC. The Symposium is organised by the EOSC project as part of its support to the EOSC Governance.

  • Jun 16- 2021
  • Online

38th International Symposium on Diabetes and Nutrition

The symposium represents the annual meeting of the Diabetes and Nutrition Study Group (DNSG) of the European Association for the study of Diabetes (EASD), which annually hold this Congress to present the latest advances in translational research in food, nutrition and diabetes and stimulate scientific debate in this area of knowledge. For the first time, we assume the challenge of organizing and adapt the most important Symposium on Diabetes and Nutrition on an international level, to the online mode, due to this pandemic. We hope very much to attend next year Symposium in person. The slogan of the 2021 scientific program is: “Novel approaches on nutrition and diabetes: 2021 and beyond”. Highlighted international speakers will do a vibrant and rewarding virtual event, in which only is necessary your online attendance in order to get successful the event. All sessions of the Symposium will be displayed on a very intuitive virtual platform. More information:

  • Jun 21- 2021
  • Online

Virtual 4th MiECT Symposium

The Virtual 4th MiECT Symposium will be held on Saturday, June 26th, 2021, at 15:00-18:30 Greek local time (09:00-12:30 EST), organized by the Minimal Invasive Extracorporeal Technologies International Society (MiECTiS). The Symposium is digital via The Symposium is asynchronous. All the video presentations are to be uploaded from 1st to 31st of May 2021. From June 1st, 2021 onwards meeting registrants can review the video lectures and submit questions and comments for discussion during Virtual meeting. There is a chat-questions-answers feature for every video presentation. Submitted questions will be reviewed and discussed live by speakers and moderators during the Symposium, on the 26th of June 2021.

  • Jun 26- 2021
  • Online

8th I-DSD Symposium 2021

Symposium Day 1 (Thursday, July 8th 2021). Session 1 – International Collaboration Chair: TBC. Session 2 – Mapping The Gonads & Adrenals Chair: TBC. Symposium Day 2 (Friday, July 9th 2021) All times in UTC. Session 3 – Minipuberty Chair: TBC. Session 4 – Is There More To DSD Than Meets The Eye? Chair: TBC.

  • Jul 08- 2021
  • Online


Event Descriptions: Come and show your ability. This is the first technical event which is going to held in Pratapgarh UP. There are exciting prizes for every event. Lots of surprises are waiting for you. Online registration is available register fast , all types of payment methods are available . For more details call on 7007238711 /6394279410. Or +918299871062 Event Timing Event Start Date - Sat, 17 Jul '21 Event start Time - 10:30 am Event End Date - Mon, 19 Jul '21 Event End Time - 08:00 am

  • Jul 17- 2021
  • Sanskar Global School, Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Online Print Symposium 2021

The Online Print Symposium is all about change. Of course, the focus will still be on the development and future of the online print industry. The theme “Start Up and Print Online!” suggests that there will be innovations. With the “Insight Pitches”, selected start-ups will have the opportunity to introduce themselves in a short presentation and report on their key to success. This will make the offerings at the upcoming industry-leading event even more diverse. This year, the Online Print Symposium will move to the Design Offices Atlas in the popular Werksviertel near the Ostbahnhof. The conference area on the 13th floor with 360° panorama offers a variety of opportunities to make contacts while enjoying the view over Munich to the Alps. Secure one of the popular places at the Online Print Symposium 2021 quickly, places are limited.

  • Sep 14- 2021
  • Online

DigiMarCon Asia Pacific 2021 - Digital Marketing, Media and Advertising

The 6th annual DigiMarCon Asia Pacific, the Premier Virtual Digital Marketing, Media and Advertising Conference in Asia Pacific will be held September 15th to 16th, 2021, available live stream and on-demand. Join your peers online for 2-days jam packed with digital marketing best practices, latest trends, practical solutions, strategy and networking. At DigiMarCon Asia Pacific 2021, you will receive all the elements you need to achieve digital marketing success! Conventional thought will be challenged, new ways of thinking will emerge, and you will leave with your head, notebooks and professional toolkit full of action items and ideas to lead and supercharge your agency / team / account to even greater success. Event Timing: Event Start Date - Wed, 15 Sep '21 Event Start Time - 09:30 am Event End Date - Thu, 16 Sep '21 Event End Time - 03:30 pm

  • Sep 15- 2021
  • Online Events